Recession spending is up

    According to a new poll, women are succumbing to impulse buys during this recession and regretting it.







    According to a new poll, women are succumbing to impulse buys and regretting it.
    If you’ve found yourself unable to control your spending, even in the face of a tough economy, you’re not alone. A new poll of women in Consumer Reports’ ShopSmart magazine finds that impulse buying is definitely not dead.
    Over half of the women polled, 60 percent, said that they "bought something on a whim" this year. Thirty-nine percent of those women said they made such a purchase within the month. A few of those women, 15 percent, confessed to "often" giving in to impulse buys.
    And while even smaller impulse buys, like picking up a magazine at the grocery store check stand, can add up, many of the women polled went for big-ticket items. The average cost of the impulse buys was $108. Shockingly, 42 percent of women making split-second purchases were not able to resist a given item because was on sale or at a "great price." That shows they are aware of financial strain and attempting to save money.
    Another factor to American women’s current shopping habits is the "irresistibility factor," which prompted 18 percent of women to go through with a purchase they "had to have" it. A mere five percent bought their item because "they might need it someday."
    Regardless of the reasons women make impulse purchases, ShopSmart found that 35 percent regret them.
    What exactly are we splurging on? It’s most likely clothes. Twenty-five percent of last-minute buys were clothes and another 14 percent were food items. Accessories, electronics, cosmetics and jewelry were the least popular, each scoring less than 10 percent.
    Do you find yourself splurging on expensive items? What makes you buy them?



    — Whitney Teal




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