Smells like Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson’s essence is lingering in a whole new way with an incredibly personal cologne.
    Thanks to My DNA Fragrance you too can smell like the King of Pop. The company has just released scent, austerely named M, that is based on Michael’s DNA.
    M was formulated from genetic code found in samplings of his hair. It’s part of the Antiquity collection, which also features fragrances from other deceased cultural icons like Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein and Katherine Hepburn.
    My DNA touts M as a one-of-a-kind cologne “that explodes into an indescribable fragrance.” A 3-ounce bottle of the cologne, “composed of the lightest, but most volatile essences,” will run you about  $60.
    But if dousing yourself with dead celebs isn’t your thing, there’s a unisex scent inspired by President Barack Obama. P.O.T.U.S 1600 isn’t concocted from Barack’s DNA, but it does list chocolate among its fragrance notes.
    For those seeking something unique to them, My DNA can also fashion a fragrance from your own genetic code.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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