‘Princess’ products popular with consumers

    Disney’s first Black princess is making serious bank before her movie has even premiered, and her sales are putting the other princesses to shame.
    We at S2S love all things Princess Tiana, star of the upcoming Disney flick The Princess and The Frog, and it seems like consumers do too!
    Disney Consumer Products announced that Tiana’s dolls are flying off the shelves with 45,000 of them being sold in less than a month. Last week alone 17,000 dolls were snapped up from stores.

Tiana’s products are doing so well that they’re even outselling other items featuring her contemporaries—you know, Cinderella and them! For example, her costumes are selling above all other princesses’ and customers are buying almost three times as much of her bedding.
    "It is typical with any major Disney film to see movie-inspired product available as early as six weeks prior to the film’s release, and the same is true for The Princess and the Frog," said Mary Beech, Disney Consumer Products’ VP of franchise development and marketing for Disney Consumer Products. "However, the historic nature of the release of The Princess and the Frog film has generated tremendous consumer excitement well in advance of the film – and sales thus far have been very strong, something that is remarkable for characters with which fans are not yet completely familiar."

    Other products in the consumer line include stuffed animals, video games, party sets, calendars, a tiara (naturally), figurines, t-shirts and a cookbook (you’d best believe we’re trying one of those recipes). And let’s not the line of bath products from Carol’s Daughter! But perhaps the most extravagant Princess Tiana product is especially for big girls, though: Disney has unveiled a slinky wedding dess inspired by the newest addition to their royal court.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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