Rob Murat sacrificed money and love all for music

    Not too long ago, rising independent soul singer-songwriter and New York native, Rob Murat found himself sacrificing both money and love in order to find success.  So far it’s been paying off as his new album, So Much to Say, has been receiving buzz from outlets such as BETJ, MTVu and VH1Soul thanks to the funky lead single, “Dilemma.”  Rob spoke to S2S about the sacrifices and his journey. 
    On the money front, the University of Pennsylvania graduate from made the tough decision to trade in a potentially high-paying corporate career for the hard grind of being a starving artist. 
    “Being an Ivy grad we have that storyline of graduate, get a good job, get married, have kids and call it a day,” he said. “Music interrupted that and it was something I had to commit to and jump off of that fairy tale lifestyle.  It’s a challenge but I learned early on that success is not easy.  So you might as well pick something that you’re passionate and excited about.”
    Rob’s passion and excitement for music was so intense that he only left room for one woman in his life: music. The result was getting cheated on and going through tough love experiences that impact his music. 
    “In the past I couldn’t settle down ‘cause my music was my woman,” Rob recalled to us. “I felt like if I focused more on my music than my woman that everything would be ok, and that’s been part of the struggle.  So as part of my hustle and neglect I’ve been cheated on before.”
    Now, Rob is finding that balance between music and love.  In the process he is growing through his music with humor and soul. 
    “I used to be a little more naïve about relationships and love.  So it hardens you up and keeps you alert and makes you pick out the women better,” he explained. “Through it all I’ve always chosen to remain hopeful about relationships.  Most people would turn away from trusting relationships and be a Diddy, but I’ve chosen not to go that route.  So I write hopeful songs about love and I’ve taken a humorous approach to the stores of being cheated on.”

    As long as he continues to learn and grow with soul and humor we’re confident many will want to hear all he has to say. 



    — Souleo




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