Wal-Mart’s Black Friday sales leaked

    Black Fridays at Wal-Mart are something of an American tradition (how many folks have you heard brag about getting their new laptop for a mere $300?), and their ads are hotly anticipated. PCMag.com is reporting that many Black Friday ads from the megastore chain have already leaked, complete with items and pricing.
    From the looks of it, electronics seekers will have their usual cornucopia of things to choose from: HP desktop computers for $600, laptops for $300 and 12 megapixel digital cameras for just $69, among many other things.
    According to BlackFriday.info, a site that aggregates sales for the shopping holiday, they’ve assembled lots of Wal-Mart’s other deals, like DVDs for 2 bucks (Blood Diamond and the Underworld trilogy are on the list), toys (including $5 board games) and clothes.
    Click here for the full list.
    Do you brave the crowds for Black Friday deals? If not, what’s your day-after-Thanksgiving tradition?



    –Whitney Teal




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