Gilbert Arenas leaves Laura Govan

    Gilbert Arenas has physically removed himself from the drama surrounding his relationship.

    A source told that the NBA star has moved out of the house he shared with his pregnant fiancée Laura Govan.  They claim that he’s furious over her affair with Shaquille O’Neal. Supposedly, this has lead to many fights for the couple that have ended with Laura being kicked out of the house for weeks.
    Now that she’s back home, though, Gilbert has packed up and left. And get this: He’s gotten a paternity test for one of his kids with Laura, but there’s no word on which one it is. He’s still waiting for the results.
    The NBA has really been pressing Gilbert to keep this whole mess quiet, even going so far as to order them to keep their distance from each other. The insider said that’s why Shaq was nowhere to be found at the Washington Wizards-Cleveland Cavaliers game on November 18: because the NBA told him to stay home.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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