Obama sending more troops to Afghanistan

    President Barack Obama will announce tonight that 30,000 additional troops are being sent to Afghanistan.







    After months of deliberation, President Barack Obama has decided to send 30,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan, reports CNN.
    General Stanley McChrystal, the leader of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, requested at least that many additional troops back in September. The president’s deliberation process, which included consulting with experts and other leaders, has drawn criticism from his opposing party, who said he’s "dithering."
    The White House wants the recently deployed to arrive during the next six months, a quick pace that was decided because of recent Taliban gains that require U.S. reinforcement.
    President Obama has already briefed the military and members of Congress on his decision, but he will officially announce his plans to the public tonight in a speech he will give at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York.

    In his announcement, President Obama will give Americans an idea of how long these and other troops will remain in Afghanistan.

    After reinforcements are sent this year, nearly 100,000 American troops will be in Afghanistan.



    – Whitney Teal




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