Criminal charges in Jackson case months away

    Criminal charges in the Michael Jackson case will not be filed until later next year.  Prosecutors say it will take months for them to sort through crucial evidence and obtain advice from medical experts, The Los Angeles Times reports.
    Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael’s physician, is at the center of the prosecutors’ investigation.  He provided the King of Pop with a fatal dose of the anesthetic Propofol. 
    Conrad continues to insist that he’s innocent, claiming Michael requested that substance and other sedatives to help him sleep himself.  The 56-year-old doctor is cooperating with investigators that obtained search warrants to search his office and home.
    "He just happened to find him in his bed, and he wasn’t breathing. Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse," Conrad’s lawyer told the Associated Press shortly after Michael’s death. "Dr. Murray has never prescribed nor administered Demerol to Michael Jackson.”
    The late pop star’s family members do not believe the physician and feel that Michael’s death was a homicide instead of an accidental overdose. They blame Conrad for Michael’s death.
    "He was the one that was administering," Janet Jackson told ABC’s Robin Roberts during a televised interview. "I think he is responsible."
    "The doctor gave him something to make him rest, and then he don’t wake up no more. Something is wrong there," Joe Jackson said during an interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live.” Joe went on to say, “ This doctor, he ran away.  They had to look for him three days to find him. To me that is foul play.”
    When prosecutors finish sorting evidence, Conrad will be facing a manslaughter charge.



    -Sophia Adem




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