Rachel Uchitel comes clean?

    The first woman pegged as Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress is changing her tune as more details on what led up to the crash are uncovered.
    TMZ.com reports that Rachel Uchitel, who’d been denying any relationship with Tiger, revealed that she actually was having an affair with the pro golfer. And sources claim the fight that supposedly led to Tiger’s crash began popped off when his wife, Elin Nordegren, caught him texting Rachel.
    Insiders say that about an hour before Tiger’s accident, Elin asked him who he was texting. She then took the phone from Tiger and reportedly called Rachel. His phone broke while he and Elin were arguing. 

    It was presumed that Rachel would have said more about her ties to Tiger at a press conference that was scheduled for today, but her attorney, Gloria Allred, cancelled it.
    Meanwhile, according to the Chicago-Sun Times, Tiger and Elin are trying to work out their issues in marriage counseling.  And it seems Tiger’s pretty eager to set things right in their relationship because there is also news that he’s overhauling their prenuptial agreement that favor her remaining in the marriage. 

    But to keep Elin from walking out the door right now, the embattled golfer is reportedly paying her seven figures to stay with him.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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