White House renews ornaments

    First Lady Michelle Obama has found a not-so-new way to go green with a regular Christmas practice.
    All things old are new again this Christmas at the White House where the holiday theme for 2009 is Reflect, Rejoice, Renew. Instead of busting out with a new decorations for the holidays, the first lady decided to deck the halls with old finery from administrations past, People.com reports.

    "We took about 800 ornaments left over from previous administrations,” Michelle explained, “we sent them to 60 local community groups throughout the country, and asked them to decorate them to pay tribute to a favorite local landmark and then send them back to us for display here at the White House.”

    The White House has also cut back on the number of trees posted around the premises as well.  There are only seven this year as opposed to the 12 or so other administrations put up. No doubt about it: This year’s holiday look is a little simpler than years past, but the first lady still tied it all together by sticking to naturally fabulous color palette or rich brown, warm gold, cinnamon and deep red. 

    Reflect, Rejoice, Renew, and the way it’s been executed, is a very contemporary theme that acknowledges the challenges facing the country. After all, with the economy the way it is, decking the halls with new (and expensive) things could be a bad look. And it might not be very eco-friendly, either. However, Michelle said theme is also very personal to her brood.
    "For the Obama family,” she said, “Christmas and the New Year has always been a time to reflect on our many blessings, to rejoice in the pleasure of spending time with our family and our friends, and to renew our commitment to one another and to the causes that we believe in.”
    Using the same decorations from year to year is what most folks have been doing for generations, building their collections with commemorative or handmade-in-class ornaments.  While many probably have more baubles than branches, we’re sure many will be excited to add the Obama’s first White House ornament (pictured right) to their stock.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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