Obama to unveil plan for new jobs

    President Barack Obama is turning his focus to the American workforce and he wants YOU to find a job.
    Joblessness may have fallen last month, but the president still thinks more needs to be done to get Americans back to work.  On Tuesday, he’ll announce his plan to “jump-start” the hiring process at business across the country, according to the Associated Press.

    Reportedly President Obama will send Congress a rough list of ideas to bolster his new jobs bill. Administration officials said the list may include incentives for small business to bring in new employees. There also seems to be some emphasis on blue-collar jobs as Obama is tentatively proposing new spending for construction of infrastructures like roads and bridges.
    And as he tries to get more people into new jobs, the president is also looking for ways to keep others employed by curtailing layoffs.

    "We need to grow jobs and get America back to work as quickly as we can," Obama said today during a speech at Lehigh Carbon Community College. "On Tuesday, I’m going to speak in greater detail about the ideas I’ll be sending to Congress to help jump-start private sector hiring and get Americans back to work."
    Unemployment in the U.S. is the worst it’s ever been since the ‘30s, but there was a slight decrease in November when it fell to 10 percent. That’s down from October’s rate of 10.2 percent. 

    The president heralded this as "good news just in time for the season of hope," adding that this is a sign that the economy is improving. However, he asserted that the country’s financial troubles aren’t over just yet as he pointed out that unemployment could still remain high for a while.

“Good trends don’t pay the rent,” he said. “I still consider one job lost one job too many.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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