U.S. Allies pledge another 7,000 troops

    In addition to the 30,000 additional American troops, NATO forces have pledged another 7,000 troops to go to Afghanistan.







    U.S. military in Afghanistan will be joined by some 7,000 troops from NATO countries, reports Voice of America. During a speech to allied nations today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the additional troops, which include 30,000 from the U.S., will "change the dynamics" in Afghanistan.
    Each country will make its own announcements of their troop numbers next week in Belgium.
    The 44 nations fighting in Afghanistan are "absolutely united" in their goals, said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, secretary-general of NATO.
    "At least 25 countries will send more forces to the mission in 2010. They have offered around 7,000 new forces with more to come," he added. "Counting the U.S. contribution, that means ISAF [International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan], will have at least 37,000 more soldiers in 2010 than it did this year. That is solidarity in action and it will have a powerful effect on the ground."
    Secretary Clinton spoke with members of the ISAF earlier this week about President Barack Obama’s revised Afghan plans, which included a troop surge, more security training and citizen protection for the country’s government.



    – Whitney Teal




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