No charges for Katt Williams 

    Comedian Katt Williams has been released without charges following a Friday afternoon dust-up in Georgia.

    The Newnan Times-Herald reports that the comedian was arrested and held for questioning after a scuffle in parking lot of a Wal-Mart. Authorities were called to the scene after receiving reports that a man had flashed a gun.
    Police believe the incident centered on the comedian’s girlfriend, Yolanda Williams. They think the argument started after Shirley and Tony Williams, her mom and brother, approached Katt with concerns about her safety. Police checked on the woman to make sure she was okay.
    When cops arrived on the scene they seized Katt’s guns. 

    "There are no charges on Katt Williams at this time and we do not expect there to be any charges," Newnan Police Chief Douglas Meadows told the Times-Herald. "We checked some firearms and they were returned to Katt Williams. We’re still unclear whether there was a gun pulled on someone or not."
    Chief Douglas added that three others were arrested in connection with the incident, including Shirley and Tony who were each criminally charged with disorderly conduct. “As far as I know that will be the end of it,” he said.
    This was Katt’s second run-in with police in as many days. Reportedly, he was taken into custody Thursday on bond issue following a previous arrest. He was locked up on November 8 for burglary and criminal trespassing, but he was later released on $41,150 bond.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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