Shaq linked to another NBA baby mama

    Shaquille O’Neal’s other other woman has been revealed, and she too has a kid with an NBA player.
    According to sources for Shaq has been having an affair with Latosha Lee, who has a child with Damien Wilkins. There’s no word on how long the two have been together, but several between Shaq and Latosha, dating back as far as this February, have been leaked online.

    The correspondence show the pair arranging to meet up, and at one point he even pays for her to travel to Orlando. Apparently, Latosha also went to him for advice on her support battle with Damien, who plays for the Oklahoma Thunder.
    This comes weeks after news broke that Shaq had also been sleeping with Laura Govan, Gilbert Arenas’ pregnant fiancée. Shaq’s wife Shaunie filed for separation shortly after reports of his relationship with Laura surfaced. 



    — Sonya Eskidge




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