Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law rushed to hospital

    Emergency crews took Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law to the hospital for stomach pain.
    According to the Associated Press, Barbro Holmberg was taken to Health Central Hospital early this morning. She is now in stable, but not serious, condition.  Her daughter Elin Nordegren is Tiger’s wife, and the family has hired security to keep cameras away from her room.
    Health Central is the hospital where Tiger was treated the day of his single-vehicle crash on Friday, November 27. There’s new information from
    TMZ.com that the golfer had actually been admitted to the hospital as an overdose patient. Sources claim that he was having trouble breathing when he arrived, so doctors had to give him a breathing tube.
    Tiger was admitted to the hospital under the assumed name William Smith (couldn’t he have picked a different one?!), but hospital officials later switched him to a different fake name because they were  afraid people would figure out the golfer had been taken to the hospital because Elin was at his side.
    Speaking of Elin,
    RadarOnline.com reports that she’s moved out of the home she shared with Tiger, but she took up residence at another house nearby. Neighbors and  sources close to the couple said Elin moved out because she got fed up, but they wouldn’t say specifically of what.
    News of her retreat was revealed as more woman claiming to have had relationships with Tiger have come out of the Woodswork. And if reports from various outlets, like TMZ and the New York Daily News, are to be believed, then Tiger has allegedly had affairs with nine other women.
    While Rachel Uchitel, Jamiee Grubbs and Kalika Mouqin have all supposedly slept with Tiger, they were just the first to be revealed. The count for the golfer’s alleged mistress is currently at nine.
    British tabloid The Sun, recently named adult film star Holly Sampson as one of the three additional women who allegedly had intimate encounters with the golfer. The other two maybe mistress are unidentified, but the paper reports that one of them is a wealthy older woman.
    Rounding out Tiger’s alleged back nine are Mindy Lawton, a Perkins waitress from Orlando, Las Vegas cocktail waitress Jamie Jungers and a woman named Cori Rist.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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