How-to: Alicia Keys’ album release updo

    Alicia Keys hit London to promote her latest album in a sleek and sophisticated version of the pompadour. Find out how to try the look for yourself!







    Have you seen Alicia Keys’ hair lately?!
    While over in London to promote Element of Freedom she sported a retro pompadour that recalled not only ’60s updos, but also Beyonce’s I Am…Sasha Fierce and "Single Ladies" bumps. Whoever she was inspired by, it looks amazing!
    Here’s how to try the style at home:
    1. Start with damp hair and spray on a heat protectant. Using a flat bristle brush and a blow dryer to straighten your hair, taking care to get the edges of your hair as straight as possible.

    2. Part your hair from ear to ear before brushing the the front section up and fastening with a clip. Use a warm flatiron to straighten the back section, lightly bumping the ends. Smooth a product that induces shine and prevents frizz, like Ouidad’s Shine Glaze Serum ($20, Sephora), down the length of the back sections.

    Now it’s time to get back to that front section you gathered up at the beginning. Brush the edges of your hair back, as if you were about to style it into a very high ponytail. Use your hands to fold the top part over to create a small (or large, like Alicia’s) "bump" before securing it with hair pins that match your hair color.
    4. Smooth the edges with a little gel, spritz on hairspray for hold (we hear Alicia’s stylist uses Ojon Finishing Hairspray) and you’re done!



    – Whitney Teal




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