‘Barry’ Obama statue unveiled in Indonesia

    President Barack Obama was honored in Jakarta with a statue that commemorates his childhood stint in Indonesia.







    President Barack Obama was honored in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the unveiling of a statue depicting his 10-year-old likeness, reports NewsBusters. The president briefly lived in the city as a child with his mother, stepfather and younger sister.
    “The statue was put there to remind children in Indonesia to follow their dreams and remind them their future is without limits,” said NBC anchor Brian Williams, during a news segment about the statue.

    Young Obama (called "Barry" in Jakarta) is wearing a T-shirt and shorts with a Nobel Prize medal hanging around his neck and a butterfly on his left hand. On the pedastal, there is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams."



    –Whitney Teal




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