Comedian calls Tiger out

    Comedian Chuck Nice has his own thoughts on why Tiger Woods was putting around so much.
    Tiger and his “transgressions” have been a hot topic for weeks. The debate about his rumored infidelities has only heated up as more women are pegged as possible mistress (the count was at nine last time we checked).
    Although the golfer hasn’t explicitly admitted to having any jump-offs, every aspect about the alleged affairs has been discussed ad nauseum: The number of women, what he did with them and how he did it, the race of the women, his messages, etc. But perhaps the biggest question in all of this has been why Tiger may have cheated.
    Some say it’s the availability of women who are attracted to him because of his fame and wealth. Others argue that said availability would make it difficult for any man to be faithful. However, during a segment on “Today,” Chuck passionately broke down what he thought was the real root of the problem.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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