‘New York Times’ makes a gift list for non-Whites

    The New York Times‘ latest addition to their annual gift guides is a list of ideas for people of color, and many find it offensive.

    The gift list titled "Of Color," is just one of dozens of different gift guides that The New York Times‘ staff produces around this time of year. But unlike other gifts, like the "Coffee Table Books" or "Home and Decorating Gifts for under $100," its list of presents for Black, Asian and Latino people assumes that people of color want different gifts than the general population.
    The guide, which was penned by writer of color Simone S. Oliver includes things like Latina magazine’s "Wise Latina" tee, which was inspired by a quote from Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings, and Hair Rules products. To go along with the product, which was created by a celebrity stylist for women with textured hair, there was this line: "Anthony Dickey is to women with ‘problem hair’ what Batman is to Gotham City."
    Though the list has been around for weeks, it was blasted on popular a number of popular sites yesterday, including
    Yahoo! News, Gawker and culture site Post Bourgie.
    Gawker, a blog that focuses on the media, called the list "racially segragated," "lame" and said that the gifts "are mostly backhanded insults, and not just to one’s race."
    Post Bourgie summed up the collection by saying "It includes nail polish (a portion of the profits go to the vaguely described ‘people of Haiti’), a book about makeup specifically for Asian faces, and a Black relationship guide book by never-married actor Hill Harper."
    What do you think about gift guides just for people of color?



    – Whitney Teal




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