Dwight Howard sues baby mama again

    Dwight Howard has filed suit against the mother of his child, Royce Reed, again.
    WFTV reports that Dwight leveled two more suits against, Royce, one of them seeking $9.2 million from her for allegedly bad-mouthing him online.
    The NBA player charges that Royce posted defamatory comments about him online, saying that he “has another baby in Atlanta.” Another post claims that Dwight hadn’t “shown up for his visitation in d@*n near three months.”

    According to the court documents, Dwight is concerned that these claims could hurt his endorsement deals with companies like Adidas and McDonald’s.  His attorney insists that these suits were also filed in order to protect Dwight’s image as a father.
    Speaking of the other suit, it’s reported that his other suit requests increased custody of his son with Royce.
    But if this is just about his reputation, how does he account for the high-dollar damages? It’s all numbers: Dwight wants $500 for each negative remark Royce made about him online, and he’s multiplying that by the 17,410 times they were supposedly viewed.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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