How-to: Michelle Obama’s ‘Christmas’ special look

    First Lady Michelle Obama forwent traditional fall makeup in favor of a pretty pink palette. Re-create the look for you next holiday event!







    Did you catch the Obamas on Oprah’s "Christmas at the White House" special last night?
    The first couple spoke to Oprah about their favorite Christmases past and dished on what they’re planning for this year. Michelle Obama looked amazing as usual in a plum dress, pearls and soft pink makeup. 
    Most people go for darker colors during the holidays, so the FLOTUS’ was a trendy take on the tradition. Here’s how to get a similar look:
    Michelle’s skin is always smooth and even, so start by applying a winter-appropriate facial moisturizer (something slightly thicker than what you’d use in warmer weather). Next, smooth on some foundation, being sure to cover up any blemishes with concealer.

    Take a little bit of remaining foundation and swipe it across your eyelids (this will help your eye color last longer) before selecting a soft, sheer pink eye shadow. Stay away from anything too bright, shimmery or bold, since Michelle’s was very subtle.
    To get maximum wattage for your mascara, try curling your lashes first and then apply black mascara.
    Finish with a fine coat of soft blush to both cheeks and a barely there pink lip gloss!

    To see more of Michelle and the fam, check out this video from the special:




    –Whitney Teal




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