Last-minute gift guide

    It’s 10 days until Christmas and you’re still not done shopping?! We’ve got a few ideas to help you finish off that list without breaking the bank.






    It’s 10 days until Christmas and you’re still not done shopping?! Don’t worry, we’ve got a few ideas to help you finish off that list without breaking the bank.
    Michael Kors Very Hollywood Solid Perfume Cocktail Ring: Rings are the thing this season. You can go big or small, silver or gold, whatever works for you. But this Michael Kors ring pulls double duty: It looks fab and smells fab, too! The ring, which is about a size 7, holds a solid square of Michael’s Very Hollywood fragrance. It costs about $40. The bonus? It ships for free if you get it from

    Crosely 3 Bay Charging Station:
    For the gadget-happy man who is always getting tangled in up in his charger cords, there’s this charging caddy. Costing $49.99 from
    Target, this is good option to keep your dad (or any other special guy) organized and in style. It features a sleek-yet-stately design complete with space for keys and a wallet. There’s also an additional drawer for whatever else he may need on-hand immediately. 


    The Princess and the Frog
    toys: Little girls love princesses, and Disney finally has a Black one. Disney merchandises like nobody’s business, so this is perfect! While you could get your girl a doll or some dress-up costumes, she might also enjoy a video game. Disney The Princess and the Frog (the video game, not the movie) could be just the gift you’re looking for. As far as console gaming, it’s only available for the Wii and the Nintendo DS. But if you’re willing to give up a little space on your hard drive, there’s a PC format too. All three versions are available at GameStop, and none of them will run you more than  $40.00.


    Fast Lane 1:10 Scale 9.6v Remote Control Hummer:
    You little guy may not be able to drive just yet, but at least he can rule the sidewalk. This remote control Hummer from Toys R Us costs $49.98 and comes with working headlights, and it’s available in two colors: green or black.  It’s also a little eco-friendly, not to mention easier on your budget, because it comes with rechargeable batteries. And just like real vehicles, you can get this one insured…kind of. For an extra $6 you can sign up for a replacement plan.


    The Soft & Sexy Wrap:
    No one ever said you had to look sloppy to be comfortable. This winter essential from
    Victoria’s Secret, currently retailing for $39, comes in 15 different colors and can be worn a bunch of different ways that all look amazing! Dress it up with some jewelry, or wear it loose for a more casual look. Because it’s a wrap, this item works for different body types. The people who made the Snuggie need to pay attention because this is how you do stylish coziness.

    HoMedics Therapist Select Heating Shiatsu Pillow:
    Gifts like this are good for anyone. After a long day, many people might need to work out some knots, and, at $34.99 (this is the sale price) from
    Macy’s, this device is great value. Customers say it works well on sore muscles in your neck and/or back. Not to mention everyone in the family can use it.

    Bath & Body Works Winter White Collection:
    This line from
    Bath & Body Works features their standard products (you know, lotions, body washes, etc) in four limited edition scents. The goodies are done up in simple, chic packaging, which makes it perfect for the diva in your life who wants to pamper herself. Best of all, each product retails for under $10. Not a bad stocking stuffer!

    Weber Smokey Joe Silver Compact Grill:
    So what if it is 20 degrees outside? Dad wants to do a little grilling!  The nice thing about this gift is that it’s compact as the price ($29.99 from
    Target), meaning it’s extremely portable. And when the weather gets warmer you can bring it along to all kinds of gatherings, like family cookouts at the park.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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