Tahj Mowry starts a movement

    Tahj Mowry is trying to make a change in the world, and his career path, with the release of “Kick It Out.”







    Tahj Mowry is trying to make a change in the world, and his career path, with the release of “Kick It Out.
    The first thing we thought when we saw the video for “Kick It Out,” was, “When Did Tahj Mowry start singing?!” Afterall, the actor-now-singer is more known for his starring role in “Smart Guy” than for his vocals. 

    “Our family always sang—my mom sang in the church choir—so it’s been in my life forever,” Tahj shared. “In 2001, when Usher’s ‘8701’ album came out, that’s when I know that I really wanted to sing professionally. Something about that record was just like, ‘Man, I really want to do that.’”

    When we chatted with Tahj, he revealed that he had to put that career goal on hold until he was older and the timing was right. He’s been singing professionally for the past couple of years now, performing at showcases and spot dates.
    Although most people in the U.S. didn’t know Tahj was singing, he caught the attention of a Japanese rock band called the Boom Boom Satellites; they brought him onboard for their first American single, “Kick It Out.” Tahj sings the verses for the song, and Flo-Rida kicks in a few lines too. 

    The eclectic mix of styles (rock, pop and rap) in “Kick It Out” hits at the heart of the message the song is trying to convey: appreciating each other’s differences and tearing down the walls that separate us. 

    “What we wanted to do was create a sound that would bridge all the different genres and to create a positive energy,” Tahj said of the single, noting that they hope this single will bring a whole new vibe to the music industry. “It’s not just a song, it’s a movement for the people.” 

    “Kick It Out” has been put in rotation at radio stations in major cities like New York and Dallas. From what Tahj tells us, the movement is catching on, and it’s introducing him to a whole new audience. 

    “People are loving it because they’re craving something new anyway. A lot of people are sick of the norm, and that’s what the song is about,” he said. “To have new fans because of music is amazing, and people loving the video on YouTube.”


    “We’re letting people know that we’re not scared of something new, and that’s what I want to bring as an artist myself,” Tahj explained, shifting gears to talk about his forthcoming solo project. “That’s what my music is going to be about. It’s going to be very new and fresh. I don’t want to come out like someone else that already came out already. I’m making my own lane.”
    He’s definitely bucking the trend of having a host of collaborators on his CD. Tahj told us that he really wants to reintroduce himself as a singer, so he’s doing the project completely solo. His as-yet untitled album will come out some time in 2010, but Tahj hasn’t nailed down a release date just yet.
    “I realize that some people might not like when they first hear it, but all I ask is—even if you don’t like it—just respect what I’m trying to do,” Tahj acknowledged. “It’s all about bringing people back together with music….enjoying music.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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