EXCLUSIVE: NeNe invited back to ‘Atlanta’

    NeNe Leakes is clearing up reports that she might be the next peach clipped from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta."
    Rumors of an oust have been circulating ever since unnamed sources told the New York Daily News that Bravo might drop her and frienemy Kim Zolciak for another season. Well, it looks like those tipsters may need to check their sources, because NeNe told Sister 2 Sister that’s not true. 

    “This is all I can tell you—and I don’t want to talk about: Every housewife has been invited back,” NeNe revealed to S2S exclusively.

    What’s behind her take-it-or-leave-attitude? NeNe told us that she’s received other offers, so she may have some options. However, the reality TV star is very clear on the terms of her agreement with Bravo: If the network drops her option for another season, she’s free to pursue other offers. But, if she quits, she’s out of luck until her contract runs out.
    As far as her contract with Bravo is concerned, the self-proclaimed “realest housewife” cleared something up for us. It turns out that every housewife (including DeShawn Snow) signed on for several years at a time. 

    “They try to lock you in for a number of years,” she explained to S2S. “We all signed up for a third season when we signed on from day one. If anybody has been fired, nobody knows anything about it. We know nothing about it. I don’t know where the rumor came from.”

    While NeNe insists that “everybody has been invited back for a third season,” she let us know that one R&B ex won’t be joining the cast.
    “No. Tameka [Foster] is definitely not coming on,” she said. “They don’t know who’s coming on, but it’s definitely not Tameka because she—whatever Usher did, she can’t do the show. “
    This is the second time that Tameka has been rumored to be joining the cast. The first time she was dubiously attached to the show was around the time that Bravo dropped DeShawn. And just like that last time, Tameka has shot down buzz that she’ll be the next Atlanta housewife.

    "While I am flattered at the rumor circulating about being considered to join the cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ I am absolutely not joining the cast.,” Tameka told
    E! News. “I was initially approached by the producers for last season and declined. At this point, my priorities are focusing on being a mom and my philanthropy, Lost Ones Foundation."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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