Phillip Martin realizes his dreams

    Phillip “Doc” Martin keeps the smooth jazz flowing with Realization his latest, but where else have you heard him before?

    Inspired by the likes of Charlie Parker, Dave Koz and Grover Washington, Phillip has been playing the saxophone for 22 years. He’s been recording musical professionally for nearly seven years, and his latest release is Realization. 

    But if you don’t recognize his name, then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with his sound. Philip’s music is played pretty regularly on XM, Music Choice and The Weather Channel. That’s right, when you tune in for the forecast, chances are you’ll hear Philip’s music.
    “They give me a lot of love. It’s pretty shocking that they could choose a million other CDs to play, or records to play, and they choose mine. It’s absolutely mind-blowing,” Philip told S2S. “I feel really blessed to still even be playing.”

    Getting all the rotations he does, you’d think he’d be rolling in cash. But, Philip explained that the exposure is really more like a calling card that gets him other gigs. Thanks to airplay on satellite radio and TV, he’s been called on for shows all over the country. 

    Phillip is more than just a sax machine, though. Despite having a successful career in music, he’s decided to keep his day job: dentistry. In fact, when we caught up with him, Philip was wrist deep in someone’s face. Okay, maybe it wasn’t anything that dramatic, but he was working on a patient, so we had to wait until his chair was empty.
    “I fell into the right career because I actually make my own schedule. It’s not like I punch a clock or anything,” Philip said, noting that it wasn’t very likely he’d give up one career for the other. “Something crazy would have to really happen, like I win a Grammy or something.” 

    In our estimation that’s entirely possible. Listening to the liquidy notes he plays on Realization is astounding when you consider Philip’s natural talent for the saxophone.  Not only does he write his own music, the musician told us that he’s often able to get a perfect cut in less than five takes!

    If you’re not big on smooth Jazz, then Realization is a wonderful introduction to the genre because it mixes Philip’s original material with his adaptations of popular songs. Our favorite reworked track is a toss up between his versions of Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” and Ledisi’s “Alright.”


    To hear “Spotlight,” along with the rest of Philip’s album, pick up a copy of Realization or download it on iTunes. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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