T.I. getting out early?

    T.I. could be getting out of prison about three months earlier than expected.
    A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons told MTV News that The King of the South may be cleared for release to a halfway house as early as January. While his 366-day prison sentence isn’t up until sometime in March, T.I. would be able to serve out the remainder of his time at the house.

    "If his full-term release date is in March, it’s not uncommon for an individual to be released to a halfway house to serve out the last portion of their federal sentence," FBP rep Edmond Ross explained. "There are a number of factors that need to be considered: if the person is not a danger to the community, the current offense, the individual’s prior criminal history, the availability of programs and space availability."
    While Edmond hasn’t got any intimate knowledge of T.I.’s case, he said the final decision rests with the warden of Forrest City Low in Arkansas, where the rapper is serving his sentence.
    T.I.’s eligibility for early release has been news since it was revealed that he was seeking a 366-day sentence as part of plea deal in his felony weapons charges case.

    Tiny, Tip’s fiancée, told MTV that she speaks with him few times every day, and she sees him at least once a week (usually on a Sunday or Monday). Earlier this month she said she expected to see him shortly after New Year’s.
    “He’s doing real good and he’s ready to come home,” she said. While she’s sure he’s been busy writing, she’s been planning their nuptials, slated to take place shortly after his release.
    "Sometime [next] year, but we can’t really give a date yet because we have to find out exactly when Tip is coming home,” said Tiny. "We’ll have to just plan around that, but I envision a fairy-tale wedding."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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