Tina Knowles files for divorce

    Tina Knowles is about to take off her ring because she’s ready to split from husband Mathew Knowles.
    Tina filed for divorce at the Harris County District Clerk’s office on November 11. According to filing information, Mathew was served with papers on November 16, and it looks like he’s looking to make this quick, clean break because he returned the divorce papers on the very same day. 

    There’s no word on when proceedings will start, but the divorce will be handled through the 257th District Court in Houston, Texas. Judge Judy Warne will be presiding over the divorce.

    Tina and Mathew had been married for 29 years before this. Rumors of their split began circulating in late June, but insiders said the two didn’t intend to get a divorce. 

    There are no details on the cause of the divorce, so it’s not clear whether Mathews rumored paternity suit has anything to do with the split.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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