How to really help Haiti

    Everyone is eager to help to with the relief effort in Haiti. Check out our list of charities and benefits to make sure your support is reaching the right people.
    Whether you choose to send money, food or supplies you can offer support to Haiti a couple of different ways. But with so many charities springing up in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, it can be hard to figure out which charities and benefits are legit. Since S2S has your back like that, we’ve listed a number of trusted charities and events where you can make donations.

    Yele Haiti Foundation:
     A $5 donation can be made by texting “YELE” to 501501, or you can make a larger donation online. And Yele is giving people another way to show their support by wearing it across their chest. The Web site has a shop where you can buy buttons, T-shirts and bags emblazoned with Yele’s logo. Proceeds will go to the relief efforts.

    Wyclef, Yele’s founder,  will also be one of the featured hosts for the Hope for "Haiti Telethon" airing Friday, January 22, at 8 p.m. EST/PST. The show will be simulcast commercial-free on ABC, BET, CBS, CMT, CNN, the CW, FOX, MTV, NBC, HBO and VH1. The global event will be hosted in New York, Los Angeles and Haiti. Interestingly, Wyclef won’t be stationed in his home country; CNN’s Anderson Cooper got that assignment. Money raised from the telethon will be donated to UNICEF, Yele, Red Cross and Partners in Health, just to name a few organizations.

    The Salvation Army: At this point The Salvation Army is only accepting monetary donations, and they have a few different ways to receive. You can text “Haiti” to 52000 to make a $10 donation, but if you’d like to offer a little more help, you can make a donation on the Salvation Army’s Web site.

    Red Cross: The American Red Cross is taking $10 donations via your mobile device. Just text 90999.  And, of course, donations can be made to the organization online.
    UNICEF: You can make a donation to the relief effort in Haiti on the charity’s Web site. You can also mail in a printed donation form or simply call 1-800-367-5437.The organization is taking aid in amounts of $50 to $500, but any money you can send definitely helps.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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