Beyoncé adds style to Nintendo

    Beyoncé is back to step up Nintendo’s style game in her latest deal with the video game juggernaut.
    Bey might be ready to take a break, but she hasn’t clocked out just yet. The “Single Ladies” singer is promoting Style Savvy for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, and she recently shot a couple TV spots for the game, which are set to art airing on Nickelodeon near the end of March.
    In Style Savvy, players run their own boutique stocked with all kinds of couture goodies from 16 fictional brands, each with their own distinct style. Players can also set the price point for their garments. As part of the promotion Nintendo will also be releasing five Deréon designs to use in the game. Those garments won’t be readily available in the Style Savvy, but they can be downloaded.

    "Style Savvy is all about creativity and fashion, both of which are really important to me," says Beyoncé. "I love that I get to become a stylist and take over my own boutique, and it’s so much fun to see some of my Deréon designs added to the mix."
    The game was actually released back in November, so it’s already on store shelves. In addition to running your own store, players also help out customers pick out outfits. 

This marks the second campaign that Sasha’s done for Nintendo. Last year she did a couple commercials for Rhythm Heaven, one of which featured her nephew. 



    — Sonya Eskridge




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