Mario makes us say ‘Ooh’ 

    Mario has upped the ante on inventive lovin’ with “Ooh Baby.”

    Mario has come a long way since his “Just A Friend” days, and he’s his got grown-man status on full display in the video for the newest single from DNA. 

    With its powerful backbeats, playful notes and sultry lyrics, “Ooh Baby” has established itself as the newest slow, sexy groove to hit market. We’d be lying if we said the track didn’t remind us of “Invented Sex,” but it’s still a good song that will stick in your head all day.

    Trey Songz better watch it, though, because Mario had to make a video worthy of his new song. A typical night out takes a turn for the scandalously adventurous when Mario brought two girls home in this clip. 

    While we ponder which woman Mario is singing to, check out the video for “Ooh Baby” below.




    — Sonya Eskridge




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