Nicole Ari Parker jumps into “The Deep End”

    Nicole Ari Parker has taken up another role as a legal shark in ABC’s new midseason drama, “The Deep End.”
    While litigator Susan Oppenheim is just as sharp as Teri Joseph, but according the actress they couldn’t be more different. 

    “Teri came from a generation of women who had something to prove. Her family had a vibe of, ‘We must progress,’ and she carried that weight on her shoulders,” Nicole explained to “With Susan, I’m not in the situation where I’m fighting for anything. I can just be.” 

    One other thing they have in common? They both married cheaters. Susan discovers in the series opener that her husband, Cliff (played by Billy Zane), is sleeping with a paralegal.
    Nicole can’t give away too much, but she dished, “By episode two, you’ll get to see her response. It’s not just about throwing a show at him and telling him to get out. She’s much more clever than that.” Does this mean she’s gonna pull a knife on him a-la Teri? Hmmm…

    To see Nicole take to the courtroom while still looking fierce, watch “The Deep End” when it premiers tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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