President to honor ordinary people

    President Barack Obama is looking to recognize extraordinary people and he needs your help.
    The White House is taking nominations for the 2010 Presidential Citizens Medal, which goes to people who have gone above and beyond for their communities and country.  In the past the award has been given to pubic figures like Colin Powell, Muhammad Ali and Oseola McCarty.
    However you don’t have to be in the public eye to do exemplary deeds of service for you fellow man. That’s why, this year, the White House is asking everyday people to submit local heroes for award consideration.
    "No matter who they are or where they come from, recipients of the Citizens Medal are united by an unwavering desire to serve," said President Obama. "And that’s why this year, we are asking you to help nominate candidates for this extraordinary honor who exemplify the kind of selfless dedication that inspires us all to greater heights."

    Nominations will be reviewed by the White House, but they are due by Thursday, January 28; medal recipients will be chosen by the president himself. For more information on nominating a hometown here click here.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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