Keyshia’s betrothal bling

    We caught a glimpse of Keyshia Cole’s dazzling engagement ring, but what will yours look like?
    US Weekly readers were treated to a peek of several celebrity engagement rings, and they probably needed a pair of shades to read the details on the diamonds.
    Lamar Odom wifed Khloé Kardashian in the blink of an eye; he sealed the deal with a 12.5 carat radiant-cut diamond ring that ran him $850,000. While her ring was nice, we preferred the nine-carat round-cut diamond ring that Daniel Gibson put on Keyshia Cole’s finger. Although it cost a little less at $800,000, we think it had a more classic look.
    Most women already have an idea of what they want the ring to look like. If you need a little help visualizing, then check out these sites:

 – This site lets you custom build your ring from the band up. Although you’ve only got two options for a setting, there are 11 stones to choose from. You can even choose how many carats you want your diamond to be.
    Tiffany & Co. – The quintessential jeweler has an engagement ring guide, but it’s not completely customizable. You can pick the ring attributes you like and Tiffany will show you the options that suit your tastes. But where Tiffany really shines is giving potential customers a more complete look at the ring.  Instead of just viewing a ring rock-on, you can tip the ring up to get a better look at how the setting will hold your diamond.
 – This established wedding Web site also has a custom ring builder, but this one offers a little more polish. There’s a slightly wider variety, and unlike other sites, The Knot lets you save the ring. Or you could email a copy of it out to your friends or hubby-to-be.



    – Sonya Eskridge



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