Lady Woods visits her Tiger

    Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren, has found the strength to push through the drama and support her spouse.
    Rumors of the couple splitting up have hounded the pair since Tiger’s accident back in November. This time around, however, there are reports that Tiger is relishing the support of his wife Elin.

    While staying at the Gentle Path Rehab Center in Mississippi, Tiger was recently visited by his wife, who vowed to work towards saving their relationship, reports.

    An unknown source spoke of the couple’s meeting, saying, “The marriage is not over. They both want to save it.”  

    The couple spent a few days together while Tiger went through treatment for his alleged sex addiction. While spending time with her husband, Elin assured that she would help with his treatment in any way possible.
    Through the countless news stories and findings, The Woods family is still fighting to stay in tact. Does this mean that love can conquer all?



    – Jovan Bland




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