B.E.P. sued for swagger jacking

    The Black Eyed Peas are in hot water because of their 2009 hit, “Boom Boom Pow.” Chicago artist Phoenix Phenom is accusing the Peas of copying her swagger.

    Yesterday, the rapper filed a copyright infringement suit that lists the Black Eyed Peas and its individual members among a long list of defendants. She alleges that B.E.P. knowingly ripped off her song “Boom Dynamite” when they co-wrote “Boom Boom Pow” between January and March of 2009.
    Phoenix’s suit states that parts of “Boom Boom Pow,” are “strikingly similar” to her track, which was released by Interscope in 2008.  The Peas released their song last year as the first single from The E.N.D., and it’s since become one of their biggest hits to date.
    “A simple listening of the two songs will tell you that the songs are substantially similar,” said Phoenix’s attorney, Ira Gould, “and that the hooks of the two songs are virtually identical in rhythm and lyrics.”

    Phoenix’s suit also makes reference to other instances of complaints of plagiarism leveled against B.E.P. She is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages and disgorgement of profits.

    We’re not taking sides on this one, but you can form your own opinions on the matter after listening to both songs below.


    — Sonya Eskridge 

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