Beyoncé kicks off deal with Vizio

    Who cares about the Colts and the Saints? We’re watching the Super Bowl for Beyoncé’s ad!

    Football Fans across the country might tune into the Super Bowl for the game, but the rest of us will be watching for the ads! The one we’re most anxious to see is Bey’s spot for Vizio, set to air in the fourth quarter.

    Vizio wasn’t going to risk their valuable ad time and spokeswoman on just any director, so they gave the project to Wally Pfister (the director for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight).
    A behind-the-scenes video of her recording the 60-second commercial just hit the ’Net. Although it seems like a fairly stripped down set—just Bey and a white backdrop at this point—we’re curious to see what Wally will add to really make the ad pop. 


    There aren’t a lot of details on the ad, but it seems that “Sweet Dreams” will be incorporated in the commercial somewhere.

    The commercial is just introduction to a three-year endorsement deal with the HDTV company. And under the terms of her contract, the diva will be much more than just the face of the brand: Beyoncé will have a say in the design and performance characteristics of some Vizio models.
    Clothing lines must be passé if Bey has moved on to designing TVs!



    – Sonya Eskridge




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