Memphis Bleek drops classic album on his own label

Jay-Z’s protégé Memphis Bleek is making his way back to radio waves, following a hiatus in which he toured overseas and secured his own record label, Get Low Records.

    After nine months of recording, Bleek is preparing to release, The Process, his first album on his new label. The album features Rick Ross, Ne-Yo, Beanie Sigel, Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z.
    “I would describe [The Process] as one of my classics. I considered Coming of Age as one of my classic albums when I first got on. That was the first album with Roc-A-Fella. I feel like I’m going through the same type of process with this album because this is the first album from my company,” Bleek said.
    His first single, “Don’t Get Your Head Bust,” produced by and featuring Pharrell, will add to his collection of club music that he prides himself on making.
    “All my life I been making club music. The first thing people gon’ do is show up in the club. Whenever I get the opportunity to make a club record, I’mma always stay relevant. I know what people want. I party every day of my life.”
    In addition to club music, the artist, who started out at age 16, enjoys R&B and searches for talent to sign to his label. “I’m deep into the R&B thing. When I drop the fellas off I can’t be riding around listening to 50 Cent and Tupac all day, right? I gotta smooth it out at some point in time.”
    Although he has a love for R&B, when asked about making songs using the controversial Auto Tunes, Bleek replied, “Never. I’m from New York; they’ll kill me. It’s cool though.”
    “Never” also came as a reply when we asked Bleek about reality TV. “It’s not reality. That’s TV reality.” However, Bleek is interested in the big screen, having made an appearance in the movie State Property. He is currently reviewing a script for the forthcoming movie Four Days.



    —Sophia Adem


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