Michael Vick showcases struggle

    BET is chronicling Michael Vick’s road to redemption on a new docu-series premiering tomorrow night.
    “The Michael Vick Project” will follow Michael’s life and career through all its ups and downs. 

    After surviving a rough childhood in Virginia, being the #1 NFL draft pick in 2001 was a dream come true for the embattled athlete. Along with that status came a came a salary, endorsements and a fanbase to match. On the field, he could do no wrong, but off the field he ran an illegal dog-fighting ring that ended life as he knew it.
    Michael’s world came crashing down when authorities caught wind of his activities, and he was sentenced to prison in 2007. When word got out that he intended to do a reality show upon his release in 2009, critics (including some former fans) cried their disbelief. Despite the increased backlash, Michael went ahead with plans for a show with the hopes that he might get people to understand his struggle to reconnect with his family and restart his career after his conviction.

    “I am not doing this documentary to show people that I’m back and unchanged by the experiences of the last few years,” Michael said in a press release. “I’m allowing the cameras to see the truth – the good, the bad and the ugly results of my decisions – with the sincere hope that it will positively affect others’ lives and prevent someone out there from making the same mistakes I did.”

    To get an intimate look at how Michael made his way back, be sure to watch “The Michael Vick Project” when it premieres February 2 at 10 p.m. EST on BET.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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