Say What: Grammy-worthy statement accessories

    Stars were all about the statement accessories last night at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Now you can be, too!







    Famous fashionistas were making quite a statement at the Grammys last night, and they didn’t have to say a word. Their eye-catching accessories said it all for them. From cute wrists cuffs (bling included) to bedazzled finger finery, these superstars-turned-trendsetters certainly showed off their finest on the red carpet. In case you’re all about silent (and fashionable!) statements, we’ve come up with a few samples that you add to your collection without subtracting too much from your bank account.
    Check out India.Arie’s blingin’ wrists! With all that sparkle, does the dress even matter? Cuffs, bejewled or not, are a popular addition to any ensemble, whether decorating a single wrist (Mary J. Blige did us proud!) or mimicking India’s dynamic duo look.
    For a similar look, at what we’re sure is at least half the price, you can try out this
    Daisy Fuentes Silver-Tone Crystal Flex Bracelet (Kohl’s, $22.40). Faux crystals worked into the design give you all the extra sparkle you’ll need for a night on the town.
    If you’re more about the fashion-forward cuff pieces (Beyoncé’s wrist-wear was a definite wow!), this
    Jeweled Ribbon Cuff (Forever21, $9.80) would be perfect for the risk-taking diva within. The mixture of pearl, rhinestone, and black ribbon made it a great add-on for any outfit missing a little somethin’-somethin’.
    If you’re more about having a ring-fling with some dazzling finger-wear, similar to Heidi Klum’s butterfly showpiece, this
    Guess Multicolor Crystal Flower and Butterfly Ring (Macy’s, $25) will give you that flirty look you want, and probably earn you an admiring look…or two.
    While Rih-Rih’s dress was certainly a showstopper on it’s own, the silver sparklers she rocked on her fingers also got some attention.  If you want a look that’s a bit more understated, try out this
    Big Metal Flower Stretch Ring (Charlotte Russe, $7.50) that will add some pretty flower power to your glam look.




    – Ariana Gordon




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