Tameka Foster blasts Usher doc

    Tameka Foster-Raymond has something to say about how she was portrayed in “Usher: The E! True Hollywood Story.” 

    Call it a delayed reaction: After viewing the documentary on her ex-hubby, which originally aired last Wednesday, Tameka was not pleased with how she felt producers made her look.
    To voice her criticism she took to today’s most popular sounding board, Twitter. First she took issue with E! adding four years to her age. It was stated during the show that she was 11 years older than Usher—a major miscalculation in her opinion.
    “11 years older,” she tweeted. “Hmm Im 1971 he’s 1978 COUNT!!”
    And she wasn’t happy about her not-so-glamorous intro, either, when she compared it to the treatment Chilli got.

    “They ‘set up’ the intro of his ex GIRLfriend with shiny videos, red carpet shots, etc,” she complained, “but ME I get shown pregnant, tipsy, no makeup, etc. So yes the girlfriend was SOLD al shiny & cutesy yet I get a 911 call when mentioned, what the fu** ever!”

    “I’m done, not bitter, but BE CLEAR,” she said in closing. “I’m done Tweeting.”

    In case you missed Usher’s “THS,” you can catch a repeat of the episode tonight on E! at 5 p.m. EST.  If you can’t wait that long, peep the video below. 




    — Sonya Eskridge




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