How to find a good man

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you still don’t have a special man in your life, we know where you might be able to find one.

    Remember the “Why So Many Black Women Are Single” segment on ABC? The network brought several young, attractive, professional sistas together to cogitate on their prolonged single status at a time when most non-Black women their age are married with kids. To help answer their question, ABC brought in resident love guru Steve Harvey, who suggested that the ladies like them should try hooking up with older Black men.

    It seems that Steve’s views struck a nerve with author Christopher Johnson, a self-proclaimed good man. 

    "I was appalled when I heard Mr. Harvey,” Chris said. “I have spent my entire life working to be the best man I can be so that I will be a good husband for someone.  And then I hear my chances being shot down in a single blow.”

    Well, Chris has taken matters into his own hands by starting the Good Man Society. To be clear, this is not a campaign against Steve, but rather one to make good, young Black men more visible to single brown-skinned ladies.

    “We do exist and we need to make our voices heard,” he said.

    As part of his movement, Chris has called on other good men to join his


    Web site so that available women know where to find them.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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