USA Griot uncovers Black family history

    One company is helping African-American people reclaim their heritage by uncovering their ancestry.

    USA Griot, based in Michigan, offers those wishing to know their family history professional genealogical services. With so many companies offering similar services, what this one apart is that it caters mainly to a Black clientele in hopes that it can heal some of the wounds in our community caused by slavery.
    "The problems with many African Americans today are a direct result of slavery,” said USA Griot founder Burlay Toukam. “Through reclaiming our heritage, humanity and unity, many can undo the negatives of slavery by learning their family history and recapturing their ancestry.”
    In order to accomplish their mission, the company has filled their staff with certified genealogists. But USA Griot doesn’t just rely on genetics, though; they also use family research and their extensive knowledge of the African diaspora to track a family’s history all the way back to slavery.

    However, USA Griot can take it back even further by discovering the African country and tribe your family comes from. Once they’ve uncovered a client’s past, the company offers a few more services, including creating a family Web site, a wall chart of your family tree and a DVD documentary. 



    – Sonya Eskridge




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