Saints win Super Bowl XLIV

    Mardi Gras has started a little early this year since the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl 31-17.
    Odds favored the Indianapolis Colts going into the Sunday’s game in Miami because the Saints had lost the last three games of their regular season.  And at the beginning of the game things really seemed to be going the Colts’ way with a touchdown and a field goal under their belt, earning them 10 points.

    The Colts held their opponents scoreless in the first quarter, and the Saints only managed to get six points on the board before half time. By many accounts, things were not looking good for the Saints at the end of the first half, but that changed when the boys from New Orleans marched in for the third quarter.
    Pierre Thomas flipped the script on the Colts by scoring a 16-yard run for the Saints at the beginning of the second half, bringing his team into the lead (13-10). The Colts reclaimed their lead a bit later by scoring 7 points.
    But it was really a wrap for Indianapolis when Tracey Porter of the Saints intercepted a pass from Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and took off for a 74-yard touchdown run with only 3:12 left in the game. That was, by far, the most memorable play of the game because it was so smooth. The Colts were completely unprepared for that interception and by the time the team collected itself Tracey was way out of reach.
    Although that move alone made him our pick for MVP, that honor went Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and he definitely deserved it.
    "Four years ago, whoever thought this would be happening? Eighty-five percent of the city was under water. Most people left not knowing if New Orleans would ever come back, or if the organization would ever come back,” Drew told ESPN. "We just all looked at one another and said, ‘We’re going to rebuild together. We are going to lean on each other.’ That’s what we’ve done the last four years and this is the culmination in all that belief.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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