Top Super Bowl XLIV TV spots

    From the inspirational to the hilarious, there was a Super Bowl ads for every sense of humor this year. Now check out our five favorites.
    We were waiting all game to see Beyoncé’s ad for Vizio, and we expected great things. From all the buzz surrounding the 60-second spot, we were expecting her to be the star of the commercial. We felt a bit a cheated when she was only on camera for 14 seconds total, we felt a bit cheated. Lucky for Vizio the rest of the ad made up for that.

    He’s auto-tuned the news, President Barack Obama and your iPhone; now he needs a cold one. That’s right, folks: T-Pain lent his swag to a Bud Light commercial for the Super Bowl. Even though, the commercial is awesome in its own right, we’re not sure if it can ever compare to the 2000 “Wassup” ad…that was a classic.


    Ladies, sometimes we ask a lot of the men in our lives. Since they love us so much, they go along with it. Now Chrysler is asking us to let the guys have a little something for themselves.


    You know the economy is bad when even cartoon millionaires are going bankrupt! In this spot for Coke, C. Montgomery Burns of “The Simpsons” learns how to open happiness after her loses everything.


    This ad for Doritos had us dying when we saw it last night. Little man in the commercial let his mom’s date know quick there are two things he shouldn’t mess with. In his defense, you can’t just walk into someone’s house and eat their snacks without asking politely first.


    There were way more ads on last night, but we couldn’t possibly post them all. To see the rest, go to
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    — Sonya Eskridge 




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