Lil’ Wayne to start sentence today

    Lil’ Wayne is set to report for sentencing in his felony gun possession case today.

    The New Orleans rapper has definitely made the most of his final days of freedom, even taking time to participated in a remake of “We Are The World” to benefit Haiti. However, his days of partying and making music will be put on pause today when he is formally sentenced to one year in prison for gun possession, MTV News reports.
    The charges stem from a July 2007 arrest after police found a .40-caliber gun on his tour bus. Wayne could have been put away for 15 years for the felony, but in October he copped a plea deal, drastically cutting his sentence down to one year. 

    According to MTV News, Wayne will report to prison immediately following sentencing today. He may not serve his full term, though. It’s expected that he will serve up to 10 months in lockup, and there’s a possibility that he could be granted early release for good behavior.

    And before he drops off the radar, Lil’ Wayne made sure to say goodbye to his fans in a live online video early this morning. The rapper spent almost an hour thanking his fans for support and to let them know how much he will miss them.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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