Rihanna likes a ‘Rude Boy’

    It looks like Rihanna busted open a box of Crayolas in the video for her latest single “Rude Boy.”

    The retro-inspired video was slated to drop sometime today, but it was quietly leaked online last night. As of midnight Thursday, one “Rude Boy” post on YouTube had been viewed less than 300 times.

    Rih-Rih dropped her newly found flair videos washed in muted tones or black and white, instead opting for a brightly colored clip that takes us back to the days of “Yo! MTV Raps.” And her militant façade has been shed so she could wine with the best of Barbados.


    Even though she’s looking for a rude boy, Rihanna recently shared that she likes girls in an interview with i-D magazine. However, she was quick to state that her love for ladies does not make her a lesbian.




    — Sonya Eskridge 




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