Sherri Shepherd’s ex speaks out

    Jeff Tarpley is asking ex-wife Sherri Shepherd to stop talking about him and his infidelity in public.
    After five years on The View, a book, a self-titled sitcom and countless interviews, Jeff feels he’s been bashed enough.  Now, in an open letter to, he’s asking Sherri to stop before it does further damage to his name.

    “Sherri knows that I value my privacy, which is violated every time she discusses our relationship, and my alleged faults and shortcomings,” Jeff wrote. “To this very day, my name is consistently dragged through the mud at her every opportunity.  Sherri, don’t you think it’s time to move on?”

    It’s no secret that the couple split after eight years of marriage because Jeff cheated on Sherri while she was pregnant with their son. Sherri even talks about the fact that Jeff got another woman pregnant while still with the comedian-turned-TV host. However the disgruntled baby daddy said the divorce wasn’t entirely his fault.

    “Mistakes have been made, but they have not been one-sided,” Jeff claims, neglecting to mention what her alleged wrongs were. He adds that despite whatever she may say about him, that Sherri still sends her ex-husband presents, such as a Kevin Garnett Celtics jersey.
    “My happiness and peace of mind cannot be bought,” Jeff asserted. “The only gift I want is for Sherri to move on with her life and stop using her talk show, her sitcom and national magazines to destroy my reputation.”
    Jeff is quick to point out that he’s not being completely selfish in his demands for Sherri to shut up. He claims that the accusations are also hurtful to his family, who frequently discuss her latest recollections. And he hopes that all the mud-slinging won’t affect the relationship he has with their son Jeffery Jr.
    “While some might find her comments entertaining, to me and my loved ones they’re hurtful, misguided and spiteful,” Jeff Sr. complains.  “Jeffrey does not deserve to grow up knowing that his mom used her notoriety to paint an inaccurate picture of his dad for the world to see.”

    Taking the high road, though, Jeff made it clear that he wishes Sherri nothing but success in her career.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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