Claudette Ortiz has her say

    Claudette Ortiz recently sat down with radio host Kendra G to talk about how she’s moving on with her life and her career.
    Ever since Robbie Pardlo’s episode of “Intervention” aired, people have been looking at Claudette like she broke up the band. But she told radio host Kendra G that it was Robbie and his abusive ways that are really to blame for the split.
    “I’m the one who chose to leave the group,” Claudette revealed, noting that it was the birth of her son that ultimately led her to re-evaluate her position in the group. “I just chose that I wouldn’t subject my child and myself to the abusive atmosphere that was created by Rob anymore.”

    She’s been away from the game for a while, and that works well for her because she admits she’s been focused on being a good mother.

    However that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been keeping her skills sharp.

    "I’m not trying to be this super-duper star," said Claudette. "I just do what I love and I always have been in the studio recording with different producers. And I have a million songs that even have been leaked on YouTube." 

    And Claudette announced that she’s looking for record deals, so there’s a chance she could be putting out some new stuff in the near future. She’d prefer to be an independent artists because she’s not too hot about mainstream industry practices like 360 deals.

    Claudette said she’d also like to get into acting. She seems to be getting off to a good start on that path, too. "I’ve been doing readings for Broadway and different movies," Claudette announced.
    To see what else she told Kendra G, watch the video below.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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