Shani Davis races for gold

    Shani Davis sped ahead of the pack to secure his second gold medal for speed skating.







    Shani Davis sped ahead of the pack to secure his second gold medal for speed skating.

    The historic Olympian won the mens’ 1000 meter race last night in Vancouver, clocking in at 1 minute and 8.94 seconds. This is his second gold medal in the event. 

    Shani beat out contender Tae-Bum Mo of South Korea, who had a time of 1 minute and 9.12 seconds. Tae-Bum had snagged a gold medal in the men’s 500 meter race. 

    Coming in third was Shani’s old nemsis, Chad Hendrick. The two clashed at the 2006 Olympic games in Turin when Shani refused to race with the rest of the U.S. team during one event.  Later that day, Shani became the first Black athlete to get a gold medal in an individual winter event during the Olympics by winning the mens’ 1000.

    Chad said he and Shani put the past behind them for the 2010 games, and the pair even held up the American Flag together as they were presented with their medals.

    "He dug deep to find something special to win that race," Chad told the
    AFP. "He skated a great race. That guy is untouchable in the 1,000."

    The two will face off again on Saturday during the men’s 1500 meter race, which will be held at the Richmond Olympic Oval. reports that the venue recently had a few issues with “crawling” ice after two ice resurfacing machines malfunctioned, delaying the first round of the men’s 500.
    One reporter from the New York Times said the ice seemed to be “in worse shape than the potholed Daytona International Speedway track” because it was riddled with puddles and ridges.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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