Tiger heads back to treatment

    Staying true to his word, Tiger Woods has returned to rehab, but not at the same facility.
    RadarOnline.com reports that the pro golfer flew to Scottsdale, Arizona, for more treatment at an undisclosed facility, where he could be for as long as a week. The state does have several prominent rehab centers, including The Meadows, which has experience treating patients for sex addiction.

    Tiger revealed Friday morning that he would be heading out for “more therapy and more treatment.” The announcement came as part of his public apology for his numerous trysts.
    Notah Begay III, Tiger’s college roommate and fellow golfer, was on hand for the apology last week, and he said seeing his old friend speak out about the sex scandal was  “surreal.”
    The degree of emotion and humility that he articulated through his statement was unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” Notah told NBC, sharing that he never had any knowledge of Tiger’s affairs . “It certainly came as a surprise. And it’s very comforting and encouraging, for me, to see him taking some pretty sincere steps towards making amends and reconciliation.”

    Pro-golfer John Daly told NBC Sports that he felt Tiger’s “I’m sorry” was long overdue. “I love him to death, but I gotta say, his manager and him—they was wrong for not coming out earlier,” said John. “It just makes it harder and it gets people speculating.” 

    Hip-Hop mogul and philanthropist Russell Simmons also weighed in on Tiger’s statement as well, applauding him for his effort to atone for his philandering.

    “I now hope that everyone, including the media, will simply allow Tiger and his resiliant, rock of a wife and family to breathe freely while he completes his therapy and reconciliation,” Rsusell wrote on his blog. “I was touched by his desire to regain his "balance" spiritually, and I am indeed moved to be in complete solidarity with this ambition.”
    ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons wasn’t as forgiving, though. He felt Tiger’s speech was far too scripted, and he didn’t appreciate the fact that reporters were not permitted to ask questions. To him, Tiger came across as plastic and “only occasionally seeming human” at certain points.
    "Everything about it seemed staged. Everything,” Bill chided. “Tiger isn’t capable of discussing this stuff with depth or emotion. He can’t ad-lib about his feelings and never could. It would have been awful.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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